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Put on Your F*cking Mask!

Not sure why sea shanties are having a moment, but I’ve always liked them and I’m not above using them for my own nefarious purposes. I invite you to sing along, but……

The Case for Cozy

My cozy place

Some of my friends have been talking about strategies for coping with the stress of the coming fall and winter. I would like to propose one in particular: Coziness. Make finding comfort, even if it’s just a few minutes, a deliberate practice. Take time to think about your ultimate cozy place. It’s better than thinking about the news.

Coziness has something……

Eva’s Almost Enough Stuffing

I’m putting this here for my children because it should definitely not die with me (not that I have any imminent plans). It’s a recipe that no Christmas or Thanksgiving in our family is complete without. In fact, I think most of my family would give up the turkey before the stuffing. Not sure how to cut this down to……


11 Fletching Hacks You Won’t Learn on the Fief! –> #medievalclickbait

— Eva Moon (@evamoon) August 27, 2017

15 Tweets That Sum Up the Crusades PERFECTLY. (number 9 is hilarious!) #medievalclickbait

— Eva Moon (@evamoon) August 27, 2017

Is Your Liege Exploiting You? … He is if he……


No matter how grim it is, sometimes you gotta laugh! I drew these cartoons for my BRCA sisters. If you’ve been there, you’ll get it!

Please feel free to share these with your friends. Contact me for info on getting hi-res versions or to use in a publication.

#brca, #force17, #brcartoons, #cancer

Green Eggs & BRCA

I created this parody of Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs & Ham to help educate people about the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic mutations and the associated high risk of breast and ovarian cancer – and also……


Many years ago my grandmother taught me how to make baklava. It’s an old family recipe and I’ve made it every December since. Here’s her recipe, with a few stories along the way.

Lenore’s Baklava

1. Buy a box of phyllo dough. You can get it in the freezer……

A few details about our family reunion

To: Family

From: Mom

Subject: Family reunion!

Hi all! It’s time to start planning our family reunion! I’m looking at big houses at the beach. Can you……

Immigration lottery to be replaced by gladiatorial games

Ending a twenty-seven year history, the popular Immigration Lottery will be shut down. Originally intended to promote cultural diversity by making available 50,000 permanent resident visas annually to natives of countries deemed to have low rates of immigration to the United States, the program has been determined to be a huge……

A grown-up holiday manifesto

My two sons are grown and long out on their own. Yesterday the younger one texted me:

“Is there anything you and Dad want for Christmas?”

My heart sank a little bit. Sure, gift giving is fun, but how did this artificial extravaganza of exchanging stuff get to be so… required?

We’re not a religious family. We’re just not. But even if we……