Eva Moon & the Lunatics

the eva moon & the lunatics cocktail

Take one part Bette Midler’s divine chutzpah, one part Fiona Apple’s juice, add a spritz of Winehouse and top with Tori Amos’ flaming hair. Blend in a hot band and stir with a comedy shtick. Mmm, tasty!

Eva Moon & the Lunatics serves up a quirky, high-energy cocktail of pop, jazz, funk and Latin originals. Let us bail you out with a recession-proof show that will make you forget your troubles for a few hours. The music is hot and the lyrics are hotter. Nigerian scammers, sexy bankers, Brazilian waxing, mail order vibrators, barista lust. Nothing is off limits.

The band is not currently playing live but has released two CDs. Check out the tunes!