Community Music Leader

In a time filled with stress, conflict and division, singing together is a wholly positive, community-building activity that people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and beliefs can participate in. The joy of making music together with your neighbors is something that has bonded people since the dawn of humanity.

Many studies support the benefits of community singing. It has been shown to:

  • Ease stress and improve quality of life
  • Help people bond
  • Improve health (see research on respiratory ailments, cancer, heart disease and more)
  • Improve cognition and dementia
  • Social integration is the NUMBER ONE predictor of longevity!

But aside from all that, it’s fun!

Eva has been organizing and participating in music jams for many years in the US and London. Since November 2018, Eva has been leading community sing alongs in her home town of Redmond WA.

The Redmond Community Sing Along (and Play Along) met on the first Thursday of the month at the Redmond Community Center at Marymoor Village. Since the pandemic, the Sing Alongs have moved to Zoom every Monday night. More information

Eva has also led sing alongs for festivals and other music groups and would be happy to help other communities begin their own sing alongs.

Here is the Song Book (PDF) she created for the Sing Alongs. It contains over 100 songs with chords and is updated regularly.

In the news

On King 5 TV, July 15, 2019: