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Using humor to cope

Stress is a major challenge to everyone’s well being, whether it’s dealing with the pressures of day-to-day life or a life-altering personal crisis. People say “laughter is the best medicine” but if it abandons you when you need it most, it’s not much help.

Eva Moon brings years of experience as a performing artist, writer, playwright, songwriter and humorist as well as her personal experience as a carrier of the deadly BRCA1 genetic mutation to this presentation. It is not just a hilarious and musical breakout session or keynote, but also provides practical, step-by-step instructions for finding and keeping your sense of humor when the going gets rough.

  • A simple nine-step program anyone can do
  • Flexible one- to two-hour sessions
  • Live music and hilarious original songs
  • Fun, hands-on activities to reclaim your playful spirit
  • Positive ways to deal with stressful people and situations
  • How to use humor and play to regain control

Feedback from the FORCE National Conference on Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer:

“Thank you for sharing your expertise to the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer community during our annual Joining FORCEs Conference. Thanks to your participation, we were able to provide credible, up-to-date information, resources, and invaluable support to our attendees. The 760 conference attendees traveled from around the world to hear and meet you specifically to reduce their fears, obtain hope for the future, make informed health decisions, and live the best life possible. Thank you for the work that you do on a daily basis to improve the lives of people living with hereditary cancer.”

— Sue Friedman, FORCE Executive Director, Founder
— Lisa Rezende Ph.D., Director of Education

“Eva took a room full of people like me, all ‘mutants’, some with cancer, some facing preventive mastectomies and/or surgical menopause to avoid cancer, some being vigilant and screening as best they can, some not sure yet what they will do just yet and hoping the latest research will make our lives just a little easier, maybe. Eva Moon made every one of us laugh. She instructed us on how to put humor back into our lives or enhance what is already there. We played warm-up games, then she sang to us in her beautiful voice, self-accompanied on a baby grand piano. She told stories, she sang stories, she recited limericks. She instructed us and challenged us to try our hand at this natural ability. She showed us the importance of laughing at ourselves, of sharing the humor that is built into our lives and built into our genes, even our mutant genes. There were even a few tears shed and some special sharing as a few participants finally let out pent up feelings. Afterward I told Eva she was indeed a therapist, especially after another participant who knew MY profession whispered to me “she is a psychiatrist!” I am a huge fan. I love music and humor, so she is perfect.”

— Dr. Lori Adelson, psychiatrist

Philadelphia Inquirer: Check Up: Harnessing humor to cope with cancer

Facing a double mastectomy and hysterectomy, Eva Moon eased the anxiety with a limerick:

I’ve just had a genetic test
And I’m feeling a little depressed
It’s not just because
I’ll have menopause
But I wasn’t quite done with my breasts

Humor isn’t touted much in clinical trials or in FDA approvals, but when it comes to cancer, laughter is good medicine, according to Moon.


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