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A New Moon,  A New Genre and a New Digital Diva Emerge on Seattle's Music Horizon

Singer-Songwriter Eva Moon Eclipses Internet Culture in Lyrical "Wry-Fi" Mode. "Something's Brewing" CD Debuts June 18th at Seattle's Mars Bar

Seattle and Redmond, WA — From the city that brought you Microsoft, Amazon, the UPS Guy and Starbucks comes a musical artist who is winning rave reviews for lampooning them all in song. Singer-songwriter Eva Moon fuses the Northwest’s modern digital lifestyle and Internet influences to weave a genre all her own. You could call it “Wry-Fi,” and you don’t need to be standing in a wireless “Hot Spot” to make the connection. Eva Moon puts the broad in broadband with mega-byting satire.

“Wry-Fi” is tasty rock, blues and jazz with a twist of sardonic, side-splitting social commentary. Eva’s unique “Wry-Fi” style combines equal parts suburban angst, blues, digirati geekspeak, and café barrista banter. Like a quadruple shot of espresso in a Venti Moccachino, it can be found in abundance in the stellar compilation that Moon has artfully blended. “Something’s Brewing,” Moon’s debut CD will be launched at the first event of the new moon, June 18th, at the appropriately named Mars Bar in Seattle. The public is invited and MP3’s can be sampled at

Moon has been winning stellar reviews in select appearances on the Seattle club scene. Claude Flowers in the King County Journal writes “Moon’s lyrics consistently feature wry twists and turns. Leaping from the musical equivalent of stand-up comedy to heartfelt autobiography.” Dan Herman of Radio Crystal Blue confides, “This album will nibble at your GP spot... ’guilty pleasure’! Eva’s sensual vocal delivery waltzes through songs of different genres.”

The Something’s Brewing debut CD opens with “Cash from Nigeria,” a hip-hop  hit that recounts the dubious rewards of opening unsolicited email. Read the whole song here. Listen to it here>>

Man says he’s got 40 mil
Needs my help, if I will
Wants to use my U.S. clout
To help him get the money out
If I consent to represent
I get 25 percent.

- and -

Prozac! Xanax! Vicodin!
Viagra! Zoloft! Phentermine!
I guarantee a shopping spree
At the online pharmacy
Learn anything ‘bout anyone
Get a credit report just for fun
A PHD from QVC
HGH for my friends ‘n me
Been approved for a new home loan
And low, low rates on a new cell phone
Buy a load of ink jet toner
And add five inches to my... what???

In Eva’s world, real life often intersects with the virtual plane. In “UPS Guy” she takes on the Seattle-founded company that today is the delivery arm of Internet E-tailers everywhere and gets to the real meat of the subject. Catch Eva’s lyrics here>>

On the day he rang my bell
Did he know he cast a spell?
Now I shop on Amazon
And browse all day on buy dot com
I’m on Yahoo! in excess
To see the guy from UPS

Moon, may be one of the few digital divas to perform at Microsoft’s world headquarters and unleash wickedly irreverent lyrics like "Underwater Stock Option Blues": Complete lyrics here>>

We thought that we had made it. We thought that we were rich
Little did we know there’d be a little hitch
When Gates can’t testify there’s really no excuse
He left us with the underwater stock option blues

See complete lyrics and more Wry-Fi songs and lyrics >>

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