First you jump

Press: Five Magically Realized Stories About Taking the Leap in Life Take Wing at Valley Center Stage - "First You Jump is an inspiring, Northwest concoction of magical realism, a microbrew of finely hewed acting portraying a range of dramatic fantasy..." - Read the rest on

"A new show unlike ANYTHING you've seen! How do you take that terrifying leap into your own Unknown? It's some of the most fascinating new writing I've seen. Eva Moon is a master of the technique of dramatic juxtaposition: Taking a fantastic situation and dropping a struggling human being right in the middle. The last time I felt this was working on Tom Stoppard's "The Real Thing." She has his wit, but with such a profound soul and heart." -- Dennis Bateman, Seattle

"From a pacing standpoint, it has the perfect blend and I love how fearless and extreme the ending is! I keep using the word 'extreme' because I love how ballsy and goofy and dramatic this is! There really is nothing tentative about any part of the play and I cannot wait for an audience to see it!" -- Kallie Rolison, Chicago

"Touching and very powerful. Magical! If all the other parts of Eva’s show are this good, I’d love to see it performed in London." -- London attendee

"Great piece, brilliantly performed. Lots of lovely language, crunchy ideas to think on, deep metaphysical themes, lots of layers. Excellent stuff!"
-- London attendee

"This is one of the most thoughtful, thought provoking and soul-satisfying plays I've ever seen. Eva's stories are almost lyrical in their telling: 5 vignettes that are at once fantastical and yet almost universal in their relating to the human condition. Between each vignette was one of Eva's musical numbers that set the tone for the next story. I am so looking forward to seeing a full production of this play later this year. Bravo!" -- B. Simon, North Bend reading attendee

the Mutant Diaries: Unzipping My genes

Here's a taste of what people are saying. See more here >>

"Many thanks, Eva. I liked your show." - Dr. Mary-Claire King
Dr. King is the world-renowned geneticist who discovered the BRCA mutation and proved the connection between genetic mutations and disease. She is being portrayed by Helen Hunt in the new movie "Decoding Annie Parker"

UWM"I enjoyed it very much. I loved best the talking parts. You have a great spin on things. Also, I could not get past the tatas song. That was so clever and hilarious. I will remember to use you when we get media requests for patient stories on genetics and cancer prevention." -- Elizabeth Swisher, Surgeon and Professor, Dept Ob/Gyn, University of Washington

coh"Mutant Diaires" resonates among women with BRCA mutations. Moon's decision – and her show – call attention to a dilemma increasingly faced by women as genetic testing becomes more widespread. In simply calling attention to the choices that women must make – and empowering them in the process, Moon has achieved her goal. - City of Hope

macmillan"Eva's show sent me on a roller coaster of emotions, from tears in the eyes to laughing my head off. It was humbling to be part of Eva's story and I felt like I was living through her journey with her. I can't thank you enough, Eva, for sharing your show with Macmillan. You are an inspiration." -- Kate Macauley,Macmillan Cancer Support, UK

4Culture TAREva Moon is a featured artist on the 4Culture Touring Arts Roster, a juried directory of some of King County's most talented performing artists. A great one-stop tool for anyone in search of performing artists, for any event, size or budget.

Musicians Battle Breast Cancer Through Stories and Music -- For singer and songwriter Eva Moon, using her music to tell breast cancer to “take a hike” may have been just what the doctor ordered. Read profile in Making Music Magazine>>

"No matter how many people are in the audience with you, you are left feeling like you have just had a chat with a friend and shared something quite personal." Read the full review from The Mutant Diaries in London >

"It’s a human story, it’s a woman’s story, told with music, warmth and humour.See this show – you’ll remember Eva Moon and her piano for a long time." Read the full review of The Mutant Diaries' London show >

"A Stunning Performance at VALA Art Center" Her story is bravely told by confronting the real, and often taboo issues of body image, sex, and shame that make us cry and laugh at the same time... taking us to a universal reality even if we have no relationship to cancer ourselves. Read the full review on the VALA website >

"My heart is full with emotion and my face hurts from laughing. Tonight's performance was absolutely incredible and I feel honored to have been present!" — SP

“Thank you for taking us along on the journey. All my life I’ve been afraid of breast cancer. Somehow, this made those fears a little less scary." — C

"A story EVERYONE should hear." — JM


7 Deadly Sins... and Me

"This hilarious one-woman musical was such a hit that new dates have been added, so if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do. The show explores the question of whether the path to Hell leads to happiness as Eva Moon encounters all seven deadly sins in one uproarious night. It’s like reading Dante in high school — only funny."
Seattle P-I 

"The music is great and the songs are wickedly humorous! A wonderful treat for a date night or an eve out with friends!"  

"This is a terrific show; anyone with a risqué sense of humor that likes almost any kind of music will love this show. The wicked lyrics to the songs are both imaginative and cleaver, and the group backing her is outstanding. The creative energy that went into writing and then performing this show fills the whole room with laughter and delight. Don’t miss it."

"Call the Vice Squad! Eva Moon's 7 Deadly Sins is the Liveliest Show In Belltown! I greedily gorged on the side-splitting lyrics and dueling solos of her prideful band mates (the Lunatics), envied the fans who have followed this troupe around the Northwest (who knew?), and lusted after Eva with all my heart! It'd be a bigger sin to miss it!!"


Reviews for moon falling down

Eva Moon and her band play funny, yet deeply stirring music. The songs here are pretty funny, but they avoid novelty status by being clever and insightful. Moon's vocal is teasing and the backings sensuous. "Don't Answer Yet" depicts loneliness but not without a sparkle in its eye. It's jazzy and upbeat and Moon's vocal is as ever smart. It's a delightful and lovely album.

-- Anna Maria Stjärnell Luna Kafe

Moon is an artful writer in both melody and lyrics. Smart and witty, sometimes downright funny. The songs styles include Latin, swing, pop, showtune, even a bit of funky stuff too...

Irreverent and immense fun. They have a bit of pop, but their music falls more into the jazz and light funk modes. Oh, also comedy. The songs on the album are tongue-in-cheek, innuendo filled or just downright irreverent. You just know that they were having fun recording this album as you can almost hear the laughter in the vocals and music... Eva Moon & the Lunatics have a really great sound. Their music is top notch, mixing several different styles for an eclectic sound the fits well. And the lyrics are fun; filled with innuendo and biting commentary. They are irreverent, comically in-your-face and just plain fun to listen to... Read more.

-- Bruce Von Stiers, BVS Reviews


Reviews for Something's Brewing

This is a hoot of a CD. Eva Moon, based in Seattle has released very different album. Hip Hop, torch, country or modern rock w/a bit of jazz thrown at ya, Moon can cover any genre with a very elegant voice. The lead off single "Cash From Nigeria" rips all the spam in this modern age in a very self mocking lilt. On "Monsoon", guitarist Tym Parsons sounds a lot like Carlos Santana while a saxophone wails away in the background. Humor also returns in the gender-bender "Switcheroo" when Moon sings about pal who switches sex in the ultimate way!

I found this CD to be VERY delightful and extremely original. Very nicely done! Highly recommended!

-- Michael Sullivan,

This album will nibble at your GP spot...'guilty pleasure'! Eva's sensual vocal delivery waltzes through songs of different genres, such as ancient new wave, tango (natch), old folk music, and even country. The secret weapon is Tim Parsons on several tracks. This DJ prefers the diversity of music encapsuled in the keys, guitar and vox. Best track on the CD upon first listen is "Dark Matter". Though on repeated listens I am sure many will gravitate to "Cash From Nigeria", a hilarious take on Internet scams. Or even Tango de Cacao, for the full blend of sex and smarts.

-- Dan Herman, Radio Crystal Blue,

Singer/songwriter Eva Moon's new CD, "Something's Brewing" is an eclectic collection, opening with a rap song about spam e-mails called "Cash from Nigeria," then slinking into the laid back jazz of "Run Away with Me," which serves as a nice showpiece for Moon's voice. Still, her foremost love seems to be songwriting. Whatever style she temporarily indulges in, her lyrics consistently feature wry twists and turns. Leaping from the musical equivalent of stand-up comedy to heartfelt autobiography, she clearly loves her craft.

-- Claude Flowers, King County Journal

"Eva Moon's style is hard to peg. The first song is almost hip-hop but she follows that with tango, rock, folk and pop. One thing they all have in common is clever, witty, intelligent songwriting.

Moon's voice is a deep, sultry one reminiscent of Blondie's Debbie Harry. Especially on the track, "Monsoon".

"Cash from Nigeria" is exactly what you expect it to be, that is, if you have to wade through hundreds of SPAM emails a week. She slams on not only that famous con that we've probably all seen... but she also takes on Viagra, online casinos, easy money opportunities and much more. It's a very clever song. Love it.

"Tango de Cacao" is homage to chocolate and it's hilarious. Or it would be if I didn't share the same obsession. She sings to chocolate as if it were a lover...

"Too Damn Happy" is a song about how opposites attract and it can be a beautiful thing. The style of the song is a bit like the style of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Very cool.

"Something's Brewing" is a refreshing change of pace. As she calls her music, "Cool Songs For Grown Ups" I agree and it's about time!

-- Collected Sounds


Other reviews

(Live radio review of "Cash from Nigeria"): As music becomes more mature it’s important that we have artists who analyze the structure of this planet, just to maintian an honest balance. “Cash from Nigeria” by Eva Moon keeps its thumb on the pulse of modern day communication... the internet and e-mail. That dial up intro was music to my ears. I have always wondered who wrote that piece! This song is a modern day Mark Twain novel, complete with all the hooks that even Randy Newman couldn’t spit out. The production is top shelf, the band are a bunch of seasoned veterans, capable of igniting pandamonium... I’m talking feet fire here folks... rattle your jewelry you girdle gaffing Microsoft gangsters! On a scale of 1 to 5, I’m giving this track a 4. The only thing that bothers me about the artist... is left to the future. Is this artist a bored housewife with the gift of vocabulary? Or a modern day poet? I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. I believe the latter will be the case. Listen to the whole review (bottom of page)

-- Radio Internet

(Concert review: Central Saloon, Seattle): Friday, May 28, 2004 ...I really enjoyed the show. The performance was great--every member of the group come across as solid musicians. Of course, what really overshadowed it all was Eva's voice and lyrics. It is to die for. When she cuts loose, her voice just fills the space. And the lyrics were witty and/or soulful. The humorous tunes... kept me chuckling. I'm jealous of the way she's been able to craft the words to not only pull off joke after joke but also to weave together a world in a single song. (Read the full review here)

-- John Graham, Hamburgerland Blog

"A frothy, caffeinated blend of coffeehouse rock steamed with a number of torchy ballads and playful punk-like parodies. The Net effect is a quadruple-shot of Internet savvy and biting cyber-satire powered by Moon’s sassy, sultry delivery and keyboards, and punctuated by deft guitar licks, a mean bass line, smooth sax and a punchy rock-and-roll backbeat.

Eva’s searing wit and empathetic eye for the wired, wierd and wooly ways of the Web have fashioned lyrics that everyone who has ever opened up an e-mail can relate to..."



Interviews and profiles

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