stimulating the Funny bone

Subjects may be humorous but the music is no joke for members of Eva Moon and the Lunatics.

By Seth Truscott, Snoqualmie Valley Reporter

The nation's economy can either make youlaugh, or cry.

Musical group Eva Moon & the Lunatics will bring out the laughter, in a weekend performance aimed at finding the funny in those all-too-common fiscal woes.

The band's new show, "Eva Moon's Stimulus Package," is 7:30 pm Saturday, March 28, at Valley Center Stage.

"The best way to get through the recession is by entertaining yourself, in a way that can make you forget the state oyour bank account," said bandleader Eva Moon.

Moon penned songs that ponder ways to seduce the bail-out man, or discover where all the rillions of dollars that got lost in the recession went to (Moon's theory: Nigerian e-mail scammers).

The band's recession-proof performance includes a fusion of music and comedy. In between the songs, two stand-up comedians, bryley Hull and Lizzy Pilcher, both of Seattle, will perform.

"Stimulus Package" listeners are advised to leave their children at home with a babysitter. The Lunatics' performance does not include bad language, but they do deal in adult themes and innuendo.

Cabaret-style show headlines at Unity

By Robert Baldino, Contributing writer, Snoqualmie Valley Reporter

Eva Moon and the Lunatics are bringing their unique blend of music and comedy to North Bend's Unity Theater for a night of singing and joking on Saturday, Nov. 17.

Entitled "My Perfect Life... and Other Delusions," the cabaret-style show covers topics like love, sex, technology and pop culture through jazzy, funky songs that are laces with humor and irony.

Stand-up comedians Robin Fairbanks and JeanAnn O'Brien will also perform during the two-hour show, bringing a bit of variety to the evening.

The band's material includes songs like "Cash from Nigeria," a commentary on e-mail spam; "Switcheroo," a look at sex change operations; and "UPS Guy." an ode to young men in tight shorts.

Describing herself as more topical than political, Moon's ideas come from just about anywhere.

"They're things that strike me as amusing or interesting," Moon said.

Much of the material comes from Moon's own life experiences. "Switcheroo" was inspired by a close friend who underwent a sex change operation. After her parents bought an RV and hit the open road, Moon came up with "Roadzilla," the tale of a runaway Winnebago.

A Web site developer by day, Moon has long had a love for music and performing.

"I've always liked to sing or play one thing or another," Moon said.

Moon grew up playing Eastern European Gypsy music with the band Balkanarama, which who she still performs. While she enjoyed performing world music, she also had a humorous side she wanted to indulge.

"I like being funny and I like singing," Moon said. "I thought I'd try my hand at writing a song."

Knowing she would need a different band for this personal material, Moon formed the Lunatics five years ago. At first, Moon and the band were just looking to have some fun playing songs they enjoyed personally, but they were soon a hit with the public.

"They loved coming out for music and comedy," Moon said.

Having hit on a successful formula, Eva Moon and the Lunatics have released one album, and at work on a second and have songs available on iTunes and

And what started as a bit of a shot in the dark has evolved into something with a real identity and appeal.

"We've really started to find our feet in terms of style," Moon said.

Moon says that while many comedians use music in their act, for her the comedy is second to the music.

"I really like to have the music be original and interesting," Moon said. That means you'll hear a bit of swing, jazz, country, hip-hop, reggae and rock, whatever sounds good and fits the material.

"It's quite an entertaining evening," Moon said.

"My Perfect Life... and Other Delusions," starts at 7:30 p.m. Saturday Nov. 17, at the Unity Theater. Tickets are $12.50 and will be on sale at the door. The Unity is located at 119 1/2 North Bend Way, North Bend.

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