music, mutants, manuscripts & more

It's not just a phase. Eva Moon is not letting anything eclipse the full orbit of her creative muse - which actually has many phases.

  • Screenwriter/producer - With two short scripts in production and more features and shorts coming up. Find out more at Falling Moon Productions
  • Playwright - Eva's musical First You Jump, which premiered in 2015, is a theatrical journey to the brink and beyond.
  • Solo performer - The Mutant Diaries: Unzipping My Genes has been seen on stages across the US and in the UK.
  • Songwriter/Singer - The wry, mischievous, music of the Lunatics is a cocktail of jazz, funk and latin stirred with a comedy shtick.
  • Huffington Post blogger - Eva's column "Ask the Mutant" appears semi-regularly on Huffington Post along with detours into other topics.
  • Gypsy singer/musician - with Balkanarama, a popular Seattle band playing music of the Roma in the Balkans and beyond.