Eva Moon. Not just a phase.

Do you like real-world fiction with a twist of the unreal? A tall cup of adventure with a magic chaser? Darkly comic stories liberally dusted with the fantastic?

  • A young girl escapes her world through the thinnest of all gaps – the one between the past and the future.
  • Finding love is complicated for a woman who turns into a crow every time she orgasms.
  • A drug could turn a struggling composer into the next Beethoven. But what does it mean if everyone else is taking it?
  • She can stop time but not change the outcome of a sky-high disaster.
  • A midlife crisis makes Pinocchio wish he could be a puppet again.
  • A senator has to spin the misbehavior of her Tyrannosaurus Rex fiancé.

These are some of the misfits who inhabit Eva Moon’s stories, plays, screenplays, and music. She has just finished writing her first full-length novel – a high-stakes adventure that weaves drama, comedy, and magical realism (or fabulism) into a sweeping tale set during the rise of Fascism in an alternate Europe between the World Wars.

Magical Realism depicts the real world as having an undercurrent of magic or fantasy.

— Neil Gaiman

Eva Moon is an optioned screenwriter, internationally-produced playwright, stage performer, composer, singer-songwriter, former Huffington Post blogger, and musical activist. She has completed her first novel.