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Eva Moon is an author, humorist, songwriter, internationally produced playwright, award winning, optioned screenwriter, and performer. She is a former blogger for the Huffington Post. Her plays and musicals have been staged across the US and UK, and her solo musical show, “The Mutant Diaries: Unzipping My Genes” is available streaming on Amazon. She has completed writing her first novel which follows the adventures of a grown-up, human Pinocchio in fascist Europe between the world wars, and is at work on a second fantasy novel. Longer bio here>>

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  • Using humor to cope with stress. Everyone knows about PTSD, but do you know about Post-Traumatic Growth? Some people not only cope with stress but come through it stronger, more resilient, and happier than before. A lot depends on your outlook and your ability to find something to laugh about. Talk delivered at several oncology conferences and featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Living Thriving with the risk of hereditary cancer – When Eva underwent a double mastectomy and hysterectomy and lost her mother to cancer in the same few months, she turned her grief into a one-woman musical comedy stage show that has inspired international audiences. She believes we all have the power to find joy after tragedy. See Mutant Diaries and BRCA blog posts.
  • What Pinocchio knows about being real. We make many wishes about our bodies. We want them to live up to impossible standards, to make us happy and loved, to reflect our ideal selves. And so often, they let us down. Perhaps we’re asking too much of them.
  • Secret Germany. Traveling to research a novel is very different from leisure or business travel. In a whirlwind 10 days, Eva crept through a dripping 1500-year-old mine, stayed in a tiny mountain village straight out of a fairy tale, explored ancient tunnels under a medieval town, got an unexpected private tour of a boarded-up Berlin circus, raced across a windswept salt marsh to a historic lighthouse on the North Sea coast.
  • Is there something else you think Eva would have an interesting take on? Contact Eva and ask!  
  • Eva uses an AKG C3000B microphone and a Steinberg UR13 Audio Interface for online interviews.

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