Author, Eva Moon

Whether it’s a novel, a song, a play, or a film, author Eva Moon is fascinated by those moments when you must leap into the unknown without knowing whether you’ll crash or grow wings.

Pinocchio’s Guide to the End of the World

Pinocchio got his wish, but finds there’s more to being human than having the right kind of body. Inside, he still feels like that same wooden puppet.

In the wake of WWI, his struggle to fit into a human world leads to a deadly fight with a fascist officer and flight from the only home he’s ever known.

From tramp steamers to stifling sweatshops, from love to bitter heartbreak, he can’t outrun his puppet past. Returning home years later, he discovers his beloved papa, Geppetto, was spirited away in the middle of the night into a Germany newly in Hitler’s grip.

On his perilous journey, he finds a motley crew of allies, love, and an unexpected enemy who knows a secret about Pinocchio’s own magical origins that could help her enslave humanity. 

Pinocchio’s Guide to the End of the World is a tale of friendship, love, and, ultimately, what it means to be real.

“As enchanting—and as darkly surprising—as the original fairy tale from which it takes inspiration.” — BookLife Reviews, Editor’s Pick

“Balances humor, adventure, and drama and the warm humanity of her characters helps illuminate one of the darkest chapters of the 20th century.” — IndieReader

Must read! (5 stars) A delightfully fresh, gripping take on an old classic. It’s part fairytale retelling, part contemporary fantasy, part alternate history, with warm, heartfelt themes about humanity, love, and belonging.” — Reedsy Discovery

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Growing Feathers, short story by Eva Moon

Short story: “Growing Feathers”

“She almost shook her head no but then asked for a Negroni too. Courage in a glass. What would he do when she told him? If she told him. She could still call it off. No. She was almost thirty-two. If she wasn’t going to die alone, she had to get past this with someone.”

Growing Feathers” was published in the August 2022 issue of Etherea Magazine.

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The Mutant Diaries: Unzipping My Genes, one-woman show by Eva Moon

“Eva’s presence on stage reflects the solace of the inner struggle, but the humor that she wraps around her musical delivery pulls the audience into her story as her life-changing choices deliver triumph. It is about life, it is about death, and it is about the beauty of the human spirit, a must-see.”

— Dr. Frank DellaCroce, co-Founder of the St. Charles Surgical Hospital

The Mutant Diaries: Unzipping My Genes – How far would you go to save your life? Superpowers stem from incredible sacrifices in this feisty and frank solo musical. Upon learning she had the BRCA genetic mutation, which spikes the risk of breast cancer to 87% and ovarian cancer to 55%, Eva Moon had to make a life-altering choice: remove her healthy breasts and ovaries or face terrifying odds of cancer. Live music, warmth, and generous amounts of humor are all expertly woven into this story of her decision — and the extraordinarily empowering results of that choice. Eva Moon, author and actress, has performed this show across the US and UK. Available on Amazon Streaming Video. Read more >>

First You Jump: A musical play in five stories by Eva Moon

Eva Moon is a master of the technique of dramatic juxtaposition: Taking a fantastic situation and dropping a struggling human being right in the middle. The last time I felt this was working on Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Thing.” She has his wit, but with such a profound soul and heart.” 

— Dennis Bateman, Actor

First You Jump – How do you take the terrifying leap into your own Unknown? This surreal and darkly comic musical play consists of five separate solo stories in which five very different characters face extraordinary choices that will change their lives irrevocably. But, like all of us, each must commit to a decision without knowing if it’s the right one.  All of the stories have elements of magical realism, but the themes are very familiar. When does your private life stop being private? How far will you go for fame and success? What do you do when your past comes back to haunt you? Humor and pathos combine as each character wrestles with questions of identity, love, and ultimately acceptance.

Note for COVID-19: These short solo plays are perfect for social distancing and streaming. Contact me for scripts.

Terminal Velocity – Flames, chaos, and then falling. Esther, whose life has been defined by caution, discovers she has the power to postpone her fate – indefinitely – but not alter the eventual outcome. How much limbo is too much and how do you find the courage to take a leap of faith?

Damage Control – Sharon is running for her second term in the U.S. Senate and election day is just a week away. But she’s got an enormous skeleton in the closet that won’t stay buried. Must she choose between salvaging her campaign and love? What if losing the election could cost her the right to keep that love? Video performance on YouTube >>

Red Algernon – All Dolores has ever aspired to is to write beautiful music. But in a new world filled with artificial Beethovens, how can she compete if she doesn’t join them? The cost is high, though, and the outcome uncertain. What would you sacrifice to reach the stars? 

Geppetto’s Funeral – Thirty years have passed since the fateful day Pinocchio became a real boy and things haven’t quite worked out the way he expected. Now, the Blue Fairy has returned and perhaps Pinocchio can have a second chance at happiness. But a conscience can be a prickly thing.

Growing Feathers – Corinne is a single girl with a problem. A startling transformation that overtakes her in her most intimate moments has left her feeling doomed to a solitary life. But now she’s met Tom and is ready to take a chance and lay her cards on the table. But Tom may have secrets of his own.

7 Deadly Sins... and Me, a one-woman show by Eva Moon

In 7 Deadly Sin… and Me the ghosts of the Seven Deadly Sins haunt a working girl in Eva’s twisted cabaret take on A Christmas Carol. The show ran for nine months at Seattle’s Open Circle Theater.

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Author Eva Moon received a Master Screenwriting certification from ScreenwritingU and has worked on various film projects in addition to her own scripts. Eva on IMDB

  • HOUSE ODDS – Feature-length screenplay. When a party girl loses her family’s trailer park to a con man, she kidnaps a former gambling pro to win it back — even though he’s now more than a few chips short of a pot. Genre: Comedy PAGE Awards finalist, Optioned
  • UNRAVELED – Feature-length screenplay. When a biker gang threatens their turf, the ladies of the local knitting club go to war – only to end up joining forces with them to save their home from a bigger threat. Genre: Comedy, AFF semi-finalist
  • 50 SHADES OF GPS – A woman is driven to obsession by the seductive voice of her GPS. Genre: Comedy, short. Status: Post-production
  • SKIN – We believe our skin is a borderland between inside and out, self and other, life and death, until… Genre: Drama, short
  • THE DOLL – In 1905 Ukraine, a little Jewish girl gains a magnificent doll – and a moment of humanity – from a murderous cossack. Genre: Drama, short