I’m putting this here for my children because it should definitely not die with me (not that I have any imminent plans). It’s a recipe that no Christmas or Thanksgiving in our family is complete without. In fact, I think most of my family would give up the turkey before the stuffing. Not sure how to cut this down to a smaller amount (or why you’d want to).

Dump the following things into a giant mixing bowl:

  1. Mrs. Cubbison’s Cubed Seasoned stuffing or Traditional stuffing – THREE boxes. (but NOT NOT NOT cornbread stuffing EVER. Cornbread stuffing is great – my mother-in-law’s was outstanding. But not in THIS recipe so I don’t even want to hear about it.) I have used bags of plain cubed dried bread and even toasted my own bread cubes and they’re fine. Just as long as it’s white or wheat bread. Definitely not cornbread.
  2. Giblets: Find the giblets and neck in the the turkey and broil them until well done. When they’re cool enough, chop and toss in the bowl. Pick as much meat off the neck as you can. It all adds FLAVOR and flavor is good.
  3. Caramelized onions and garlic: Chop two large onions and brown them slowly in a whole stick of real butter. There’s no point in skimping on butter. It’s not like you eat this all the time. And don’t rush either; browning onions is an alchemy that can’t be hurried. When the onions just begin to brown, toss in a whole head of garlic, chopped. Cook until the onions are golden and scrape the whole mess into the bowl.
  4. Sautéed mushrooms and celery: Halve and slice a pound of mushrooms and 7-8 stalks of celery. I usually chop in the celery leaves too because WTF else are you going to do with them? Melt another stick of butter and cook the lot until it’s about half the volume it was when you started.
  5. Two cans of water chestnuts and an entire bunch of parsley, chopped.
  6. Extra seasoning: I like to add a good amount of sage and some kind of herb seasoning mix. The stuffing mix is seasoned but you’ve added a lot of veg and anyway, MORE seasoning is better. Does not need more salt, though, IMO.
  7. Chicken or turkey stock: about 5 cups.

Mix well and cram into a large, greased crock pot. Cook on high for at least four hours. Check for dark brown crust along the sides. If it’s getting too dark too soon, lower the heat, but don’t worry too much. People will fight over the blackened bits.

That’s it! Happy Holidays!