I’m going on a solo road trip. I literally have no idea where I’m going or what I’ll be doing. And I won’t know until I open this envelope.

I’ve never been a road trip person. Or a car person. Cars are for getting from one place to another and the roads between them are necessary annoyances, though sometimes with scenery and occasionally with tasty snacks. But last year, I decided to take an all-day drive by myself. I plotted a route going north from Redmond, WA, to Bellingham and then hugged the coastline all the way back south. Google Maps always insists on the most efficient route, which was not my goal. So I dropped a lot of random pins to stick it where I wanted it. Then, I decided to stop at all the pins and see what was there.

Every single pin showed me something interesting or beautiful or odd that I never would have seen any other way – a wooden church cupola in a horse paddock, high tide with water all the way up to the road shoulders on both sides, the church where Edward R. Murrow gave his first public speech, a purple house, any number of rocky, driftwood-littered beaches. I was enchanted by all of it. But especially by the surprise.

So. When I came across Pack Up & Go, I was a goner. You give them the parameters, they plan your trip. Then, a few days before your departure date, an envelope arrives…

I will be blogging this trip day by day, as I go. Follow it here, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. #EvaMoonRoadTrip