Many years ago I did The Artist’s Way – a self-guided program to tap into your creative potential. I found it challenging but transformative in the way I viewed myself as an artist and approached my work. One of the pillars of The Artist’s Way is ”Morning Pages” – a daily transference of the noise in one’s head onto paper. The purpose is not to create (though that can happen) but to clear the decks. Another pillar is the ”Artist’s Date” – a weekly excursion away from normal routine and environs accompanied only by one’s inner artist. The purpose is to ”fill the well” – break out of habitual patterns, find new inspiration. The purpose is not “research” for the next project (though that can happen) but to simply be open without expectations.

So, here we are, just my inner artist and me, on a three-day road trip, being open without expectation. Simply to fill the well.

I will be blogging this trip day by day, as I go. Follow it here, or on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. #EvaMoonRoadTrip