“She almost shook her head no but then asked for a Negroni too. Courage in a glass. What would he do when she told him? If she told him. She could still call it off. No. She was almost thirty-two. If she wasn’t going to die alone, she had to get past this with someone.”

My new short story “Growing Feathers” has been published in the August issue of Etherea Magazine. I hope it takes flight!

Growing Feathers by Eva Moon

Some of you may remember my play of the same name. This is based on that, but it goes deeper into the hopes and fears we all face when we make ourselves vulnerable to others. Corinne is a single girl with a problem. A startling transformation that overtakes her in her most intimate moments has left her feeling doomed to a solitary life. But now she’s met Tom and is ready to take a chance and lay her cards on the table. But Tom may have secrets of his own. Magic brings many gifts, but they’re not always comfortable ones.

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